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     Document Scanning

     Secure Record Management's commitment to quality begins with the preparation of
     your scanning project. With our experienced staff we will work closely with your
     employees to determine the requirements for your job. One of our team members will
     travel to your location in order to get a first hand look at the files that need to be
     scanned. This is a very critical part to the process as we need to assess what condition
     the files are in so we may determine how much preparation is required to effectively 
     scan your documents.

Types of documents

We have the ability to scan virtually any type of document. Documents as small as a business card or a check, to large blue prints, engineering schematics and drawings, our company will handle all your document scanning needs.

Document Preparation
Document prep is the most labor intensive part of the scanning process. Before we can begin the conversion process, our staff must go through every document and remove all staples, paper clips, tape, or any other material that is binding the sheets together. Any folds in the pages need to be straightened out. The reason for this is obvious - any of the information in the folded section will not be properly scanned, so making sure that all parts of each page are visible is critical.

Once the prepping process is finished, the documents are ready to be scanned. Throughout the document scanning process, our extensive quality control procedures ensure that all documents are captured properly for image completeness, clarity and legibility. Job specific training and quality procedures assure you of expertly captured digital images. Our state of the art scanners ensure the best digital image as possible.