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Pick up and Delivery:
We provide a quick, reliable delivery services that may be customized to fit your needs. Deliveries are available same day and next day. We offer will-call of documents for clients that would like to pick up material at our office. All deliveries are made by us, we do not use a courier service.

Retrieval and Refiles:
Your material is available at your request. When material is taken out of a specific container, it is bar-coded for accurate re-filing. With our management software system your material is always re-filed into the correct location. Containers are also tracked accurately with our bar-coded system, allowing us to report any movement of a container.

We offer complete file-indexing of containers. This is an important step to ensure your files are organized where they are easily accessible. Indexing of your containers is performed at our File Center by our employees. This  insures the tracking of your files no matter where they reside.

Inventory Reports:
We offer easy to understand inventory reports;
               container description          access count
               activity / status                add date
               retention date                   alternate id code

Document Destruction:
We produce quarterly reports informing our clients if any material has reached the destruction dates they have provided. Once we received written authorization from our client we create a workorder, then the material is retrieved from it's location and shredded with our industrial cross-cut shredder.

Monthly Or One Time Shredding Service:    
Our shredding services are tailored to fit your needs. We provide locking containers at your location with regular scheduled pick-up and destruction dates. We also service yearly one-time purges, with one box or a thousand boxes.