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Your records are available at your request, call and we deliver. We offer same day and next day delivery, our clients also have the options of will-call and access to our complimentary conference room. When a carton or file-folder is requested via phone, fax, or in person, the employees of Secure Record Management verifies that the request was made by an authorized person. In the event a request was made by an unauthorized person, a representative of Secure Record Management will contact your company for verification of authorization prior to completing the transaction.

Secure Record Management provides a safe and secure storage facility for your hardcopy business records. Our facility meets all local fire codes for business record storage. We work at the highest standards for your protection as well as ours. All employees of Secure Record Management have background checks and are drug tested prior to hiring, once hired our employees sign a confidentiality agreement. Your records are stored in our file center which is an alarmed facility monitored 24 hours a day by Beam Security Systems.  The file center is under 24 hour digitally recorded video surveillance. Our facility is also equipped with a high density fire suppression system which is sectionalized and activated by temperature. Your boxes are never stacked more than 3 high to prolong the life of your box. Only authorized personnel are allowed to access the file center to retrieve your records. Employees of Secure Record Management are Bonded and Insured.


Computerized Bar Coded Inventory Control
Each carton in our file center is bar-coded and entered into our database. Each racking location is also bar-coded which insures an accurate tracking system. Secure Record Management uses a industry leading state of the art software used by over 850 record centers worldwide. Upon request you may receive a computer print out listing your complete inventory.

Document Shredding Services
We utilize a state-of the-art mobile shredding truck for all our document destruction. Our shredding truck is equipped with an external bin tipper which ellimanates handeling of your vital information. You may view your materials being destroyed via onboard video cammeras, or through the viewing window located on our truck.

Conference Room
We provide a conference room for file viewing at no charge. Take advantage of storing local. Don't waste your time driving to another file center out of town, when you can stay local and put your valuable time to good use. Another plus of having your files close by.

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